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About Arbor Counseling Center

Free Online Mental Health ScreeningThis website is about you and what brought you to the website today.  We started Arbor Counseling Center in 1988 to provide counseling services to people like you and your family.  We are able to help even more people today with more than 30 experienced, diverse counselors in four Northwest Suburban Chicago locations in order to be close and convenient for you.  Treatment is individually tailored to you to promote the highest level of health, fulfillment and positive personal energy.

Arbor Counseling Center has locations across the Chicagoland areaWe believe in you—in your strengths, your resiliencies and your right to live life at your highest potential.  We care about what's important to you.  Our counselors are ready to use a collaborative approach to help you and your family.  Call us for an appointment at 847.913.0393.

Group Session Beginning January 19, 2016

The Emotional Affair - Group Counseling Series "The Emotional Affair: Learning how to cope and understand the emotional affair of your spouse/partner" begins on January 19, 2016 at our Gurnee location.  Download the flyer for more information or call our office now to reserve your spot.